Monday, September 7, 2009

18 Years of Blessing!

Over my life, I have heard the phrase "time flies" hundreds of times. Never has it been more true than today. This morning, as I awoke and saw my clock at 7:37, I had an immediate flashback to 18 years earlier, to the last minute of my first pregnancy & more importantly - childbirth. At 7:38 a.m. on September 7th, 1991, I became a mother for the first time. Austin came into this world four weeks premature, screaming at the top of his lungs, and thankfully, completely healthy. He was finally in my arms after 11 weeks of bed rest, 9 hospitalizations and countless hours of prayer for his health and safety. This child had already turned my life upside down and inside out. I was completely, blissfully in love from the moment he was placed in my arms.

God knew, as only He can, that this boy and I needed each other. In many ways, we grew up together, taking turns at being teacher and student. I was and continue to be, completely amazed and enthralled with watching my son encounter the world. He is so ready for anything that comes his way! Ever curious, always interested and imminently laid-back, he is a joy to know. Spending time with him continues to be one of my favorite things to do. Just the two of us hanging out and watching t.v. or in the midst of his cool friends; both are a treat. Even a trip to the local grocery store is fun - because we have fun together no matter what we are doing. No one makes me laugh harder or think more deeply than my son.

We have been blessed as a family with masses of memorable moments. Travelling by car all across this country over the years - from golf course to golf course - has given us ample opportunity to spend time together. We have bonded over long talks, listening to music, making up silly games like the "Motor Home Game", and laughter, so much laughter.

All my best stories revolve around the funny things Austin has said or done over the years. If you haven't heard the "Chochi Flo" story or the "She's not my mother!" story - you need only ask me. It takes very little to get me going on Austin B. stories or "Austinisms" as his Nana calls them.

Over these past 18 years, I have prayed thousands of prayers for this young man. I have asked the Lord to bless Austin, to mature him, to lead him. I have prayed for my future daughter-in-law since he was born. I've prayed for his safety, his friends, his education. The biggest and most important prayer over these years has been this: "May he one day own his own faith in God. May he come to know and follow hard after Jesus." The biggest and most important thing I have to say today is this: He has. He does.

Praise be to God. Thank you, Father. Thank you for this most miraculous gift. Thank you for letting me raise this child. Thank you for growing him into a precious and devoted follower of Yours.

Happy Birthday to my son, Austin!
In honor of your 18th birthday, here is your very own "A to Z" list.

ABF - From A to Z

You are:

A- Athletic, active, achiever
B- Blonde, bible-reading, basketball player
C- Caring, charismatic
D- Deeply devoted
E- Especially energetic
F- Faithful, fun, funny, friend to many - Feezy!
G- Guitar playing, godly, goofy, good GPA
H- Handsome, happy, hazel-eyed
I- Independent individual
J- Joyful, jovial, jokester
K- Kind-hearted, kid-friendly
L- Loyal, loving, laughs a lot
M- Muscular, manly, musical
N- Nice, noisy, non-stop
O- Outgoing
P- Positive, point guard
Q- Quirky, questioning
R- Relentlessing pursuing the LORD
S- Smart, silly, spunky
T- Trustworthy
U- Unique
V- Victorious in Jesus
W- Winsome, worshipful
X- Xcellent character
Y- Yearns for truth
Z- Zealous for the LORD

I love you, Bud.


the Schusters said...

What a great post!! Brought a tear to my eye. Austin is such a great example to his peers. We really enjoy him!!! Happy birthday, Austin!!

Julianne said...

Thanks, Leah! I figured no one would ever read this but Austin and I since this is the first post since January of this year! :) Had so much trouble with the pictures, but I finally gave up and let it be.

Celeste said...

What an amazing post! You are a wonderful mom and he is a wonderful young man. Your future daughter-in-law will be so lucky to have him as a husband and you as a mother-in-law.

JP's MOM said...

Beautiful! Tears to my eyes. Such an incredible family. We are so blessed by all of you! Love you!

Happy Birthday Austin B!

cruisingrammy said...

Awesome Post Juls.......tears in my eyes on this end....I love hearing Austinbfogt stories...I always love how when his name is said it sounds like one word...

Happy 18 AB!

Mike N. said...

Hey Julianne . . . saw your blog mentioned on FB & clicked--absolutely outstanding. I love that your prayers for Austin were HUGE--not simply to know God, but zealously pursue Him. He is a reminder that God delights in answering huge prayers in huge ways. I've always been incredibly impressed with the teenagers at WCCC, and Austin stands out. May God continue to bless your family . . . and a VERY happy 18th (or what's left of it) and beyond to Austin.

Julianne said...

Jul - did you know that when Austin was little (3ish) he thought that our last name was Bfogt? He called B's dad Grandpa B. Fogt and was surprised to learn from his preschool teacher that we were simply the Fogts. True story! :)

bdgilbertsr said...

WOW!! That was beautiful! Julianne you make me want to be a better mother. Thanks for sharing.

Alana said...

I love this sweet post! I can't believe my boys will ever be this old, but I know it is just around the corner!